Terms of Service


Guest Checks

When a restaurant guest looks up a specific check on Up n’ go, they will see the restaurant’s pricing for that check.

Up n’ go collects mobile payments on behalf of restaurants. Restaurants pay Up n’ go for this service; there is no direct cost for this service to restaurant guests. Therefore, restaurant guests should see no cost for Up n’ go directly included in the restaurant checks they pay via Up n’ go.

Payments collected from guests on behalf of restaurants fall into one of two categories, which we call Traditional Payments and Advanced Payments.


Traditional Payments

Traditional payments are made when a restaurant guest provides their credit card number directly via an Up n’ go page to pay a restaurant check. In these cases, the customer’s credit card number, expiration date, and their zip code are encrypted and passed directly to the restaurant’s credit card processing system. 

These payments are processed by the restaurant’s credit card processor exactly as if the credit card information was given directly to the restaurant. Up n’ go does not retain these credit card numbers.


Advanced Payments

Advanced payments are made when a restaurant guest provides payment via a tokenized payment service such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo, or PayPal. In these cases, the guest verifies their identity, often via the use of biometrics with the tokenized payment service, and then that service provides us with a token that we sent to a processor to receive payment.

Once Up n’ go receives payment, we subsequently issue payment directly to the restaurant using a proprietary channel that persists between Up n’ go and the restaurant. This channel exposes none of the guest’s payment information to the restaurant – That’s to say that neither a guest’s credit card number, or even a token that represents it, is ever shared with the restaurant.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

Refunds and cancellations are made at the discretion of the restaurant whose check the guest paid via Up n’ go. If a restaurant guest paid via Up n’ go and wants to request a refund or cancellation, they must contact the restaurant directly to request the refund or cancellation.

Restaurants have the sole authority to issue refunds and cancellations for payments made via Up n’ go.

Refunds of Traditional Payments

If a Traditional Payment was collected from the guest, then the restaurant can process a refund or cancellation for the guest using the restaurant’s point of sale system and no intervention is required from Up n’ go.

Since only the restaurant and its payment systems retain payment information from a Traditional Payment and not Up n’ go, only the restaurant has the capability to issue a refund or cancelation to the guest for this type of transaction.

Refunds of Advanced Payments

If an Advanced Payment was collected from a guest, then the guest must still request the refund or cancellation from the restaurant. The restaurant will subsequently identify the transaction that needs be refunded or canceled, relay that information to Up n’ go, and then Up n go will request that our processor provide the refund to the guest.

No Refund or Cancellation Fees

Up n’ go does not impose fees upon restaurant guests when a refund or cancellation of any payment type is processed.