Our Story

In 2017, Touradj Barman, a tech savvy MIT grad and San Diego native, and Matt Hoyt, the owner of iconic San Diego restaurant, Starlite, got together to solve a problem that has been frustrating restaurant patrons and the hospitality industry for years: the checkout process.

In a time when almost everyone owns a smartphone, the process of paying the check seems stuck in the past, with guests waiting tediously for their server, servers running back and forth juggling guests’ credit cards, and the headache on both sides of the table when it comes to splitting the check. There must be an easier way of doing things...

Touradj and Matt developed a mobile payment solution using Matt’s popular restaurant as an environment to test and perfect their product. How many restaurant products are built in a restaurant? The result is a highly efficient, user-friendly payment service that uses the technology found in almost everyone’s pocket.  Now, guests can scan their check using their iPhone or Android camera, quickly pay on Up n’ go’s mobile site using Apple Pay or any major credit card, and leave without waiting for their server to return.

Up n’ go is leading the way into the future; a future of simple, secure exchanges.