For Restaurants


Make it easy and secure for your guests to pay by phone.

Restaurants Love Up n’ go – Here’s Why:

  • Reduce your labor costs by making the check-out process more quick and efficient

  • Turn more tables without pressuring guests to leave before they’re ready

  • Increase staff tips

  • Solve EMV requirements

  • Re-market to your guests who have paid with Up n’ go

  • Up n’ go is ALOHA CERTIFIED

  • Up n’ go payment processing can route payment information to your existing processor, or act as your payment processor

  • Set up is easy and no hardware is required

Best new hospitality technology improvement we made in 2018 🔥

— Cali Comfort BBQ

I must say that I absolutely love what you are doing with Up n’ go - an amazing idea! I’m a BIG believer.

— Brad Bohensky
Community Director, Yelp