For Diners


We’ve all been there – waiting anxiously at your table for a busy server to ask if you need your check…then bring the check…then come back for your credit card…then bring back your credit card.

There MUST be a simpler way to pay. And there is.

Restaurant Guests Love Up n’ go – Here’s Why

  • You’re in control – dine, relax, pay and leave, all on your own time

  • Split the check without the headache

  • Pay securely – keep that credit card in your pocket and pay with confidence

  • Your voice matters - leave immediate feedback about your restaurant experience

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What Customers Are Saying:

“Awesome way to pay”

"Super easy way to pay, Carlos was fantastic!"

"Very user friendly & super convenient!"

"The technology is amazing."

"Just used the Apple Pay version...scanned the bill, clicked twice and I was paid. Literally got chills up my spine. Amazing!!!"