Antarctica Luxury Travel: An Experience Beyond Compare

A trip to Antarctica is an entirely new and unique experience that remains in the list of every adventure loving luxury traveler. Being the last wilderness expanse in the world, Antarctica attracts visitors craving for first-hand experience of majestic snow and ice landscapes, and spectacular wildlife encounters.

Furthermore being the most uninhabited continent, Antarctica provides amazingly extraordinary moments that you cannot encounter anywhere else.

Unique wilderness experience

Antarctica offers an outstandingly pristine wilderness experience that features glimpses of

  • Glorious icebergs of different sizes and shapes
  • Towering peaks jutting out from the sea to about ten thousand feet
  • Abundant wildlife teeming with Penguins, Albatross, Weddell, Elephant, leopard, fur seals, crab-eater, minke, humpback and orca whales

The most unique factor that will be conspicuous to even the most ignorant traveller is the lack of any human population.

Traveling to Antarctica

There are two way to reach Antarctica – By air route or via cruise ships. While some travel companies have pod campsites set up temporarily to fly in their passengers, cruise ships are the most commonly used and popular route, to reach Antarctica.

Furthermore air routes are also expensive. You can fly to Ushuaia, which is the world’s southern most urban area and embark on your ship cruise or fly to South Shetland Islands and board your cruise ship there.

The reason cruise ships are most preferred is because of the stunning landscape you get to view on the way. From fjords filled with ice and gigantic icebergs you will experience an incredible landscape. And the whales, seals, penguins and sea birds further enhance the travel experience.

Must visit spots in Antarctica

Once you reach Antarctica, you will be overwhelmed by the choices before you, since all spots are literally uninhabited and pristine. Here are some interesting and must visit spots you should include in your Antarctica travel itinerary.

Deception Island

Located in South Shetland Islands, this is a volcanic island that includes the spectacular Whalers Bay. If you are fond of revisiting history, the dilapidated British base and whaling station here would make your day.

Half Moon Island

Also part of South Shetland Islands, the cliffs here house one of the largest chinstrap penguin colonies. Besides having a great time watching the penguins, you also get to see kelp gulls, storm petrels, Antarctic terns and snowy sheathbills.

Yankee Harbor

This part of South Shetland Islands gives you a glimpse of Gentoo penguins and it is also the nesting region of destructive skuas.

Cuverville Island

The Errera Channel here is a spectacular and narrow passage that traps icebergs, which are grounded in the shallow bottom. This island also has the largest ever Gentoo penguin colony in the continent.


This harbour is where Minke whales shy of humans frequent, as it is their favourite feeding ground. The harbour offers an unimpeded view of the grand Andvord Bay.

Paradise Harbor

This harbour is the most populated region in the Antarctic Peninsula with mainland landing strip, Chilean and Argentinean naval bases. And you can also enjoy the penguin colonies here besides the fantabulous vistas the harbour offers.

Lemaire Channel

This channel with a width of seven miles is an imposing spot that is alluring and inhospitable.

Petermann Island

If you want to get your fill of whales and icebergs, this island is the best spot. It features the splendidPenola Channel. The icy view engulfing the island is one of the most beautiful in the region.

Port Lockroy

You can find Gentoo penguins nesting here besides exploring the ancient 1950s Antarctic base here. Wilhelmina Bay featuring towering glaciers, icebergs and mountains, Antarctic Sound and Brown Bluff are other must visit spots in the region.

Best time to visit Antarctica

The region is accessible only for a few months in a year starting from November until the end of March. Beside the odd expedition hut or research station this region, the frozen landscape does not have even the barest trace of human inhabitation. While traveling as part of a ship cruise, you will feel as if you the only people to exist here with the emptiness and solitude engulfing you.

Adventurous activities to indulge in

The spectacular landscape and wildlife are not the only attractions here. The area is great for adventurous sports too. Kayaking via the ice fields, camping on ice, cross country skiing and mountaineering are some of the popular activities that visitors get to enjoy here. Some travel companies even allow snorkelling and diving here.

Aim for a safe trip

Since polar cruises involve facing extreme temperatures and endless wilderness, you should be careful about choosing a reliable company for your travel that follows safety guidelines and has environmental conscious operations. With the voyage featuring several rough passages, significantly the stretch between Antarctic Peninsula and Tierra del

Fuego, choosing a reliable company will help make your cruise an enjoyable one and provide the unique luxury trip you crave for.

Some ideas for a safe and comfortable trip:

  • Dressing appropriately for the extremely cold temperature, which includes waterproof trousers, hooded jacket, a down jacket underneath followed by an insulating layer and thermal underwear.
  • Ski gloves, hat, waterproof boots with high grip soles, and sunglasses are must for exploring the region
  • A camera, binoculars, waterproof backpack are other essentials you will need
  • Don’t forget taking along seasickness pills for dealing with the rough passage

When you plan for a trip to Antarctica, you have to be prepared for the remote, rough, strange and extremely adventurous trip. Despite the extreme conditions, the trip will be an extraordinary and wonderful one that will have you look at the world in a different perspective. So get ready for the ultimate travel experience to the southern polar region that is like none other.